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Audience to watch ‘Latyan’ online

Producer says ‘Latyan’ is registered to receive online screening.

Producer of Iranian movie ‘Latyan’ has said the film is registered to receive online screening opportunity.

The film was registered to premiere online and will stream after it receives the screening permit, Majid Matlabi said on Thursday.

‘Latyan’ filmmakers first announced their intention to make the film available online last month, taking into consideration the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Latyan’ is Ali Teymouri’s directorial debut.

“Latyan is a dam. A barrier to human relations. The rivers of relations have piled up at the dam and the way is blocked. Someone wants to break this dam, but that person knows well that such task is not easy as the city will be ruined. So, what will happen?” a synopsis for the film reads.

The film is starring Parinaz Izadyar, Amir Jadidi, Sara Bahrami and Setareh Pesyani.