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Ayish accepts what roles?: ifilm exclusive

Farhad Ayish tells ifilm about the roles he accepts to play.

The Colonel’s Garden’ star, Farhad Ayish has told ifilm exclusively about the roles he accepts to play.

The star who portrays the role of a gardener in the series says he must like a role to take it on. Otherwise, the fact that he is an actor and he must act will not be compelling enough for him to play any part in any show.

It goes to say that his role in this show has fit his criteria and as he puts it, “Any actor would like this character”.

Ayish, then, states that he has accepted some one or two roles which he later regretted playing them saying, ‘They have been like a thorn in my side’.

Pejman’ star started off his artistic career with studying directing and photography in the US and the UK. He, then, directs a number of plays in English and Persian, before he takes on roles in cinematic flicks and TV series.

Some of the works starring Ayish have been aired by ifilm, including ‘The Recluse’ and ‘3-5-2’.

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