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Grab tissues before turning on ‘Hello Mumbai’

ifilm English website takes a look inside weekend movie ‘Hello Mumbai’.

ifilm English website takes a look inside weekend movie ‘Hello Mumbai’.

Love is being celebrated in so many different types of ways in movies. Some of them provide a cathartic release of tears; whether happy tears or grief ones.  We totally know in the backs of our minds that most of the characters on big screens are totally made up (or, at the very least, fictionalized adaptations of real people), but the emotions and heartbreaks, wins and losses in love feel totally real. And isn't that what matters?

Watching Ali and Karishma in Bollywood-Iranian joint production ‘Hello Mumbai’ go through the motions of a couple falling in love, only to fall disastrously apart, will make you question if love was ever real to begin with.  

Directed by Ghorban Mohammadpour, the romantic drama follows Ali, an Iranian exchange student who is studying in Mumbai. He comes across Karishma, his classmate, for whom life appears to be too much to handle.

Ali saves her and the two eventually fall in love. But their relationship causes many problems in Dia’s family, as she has already been promised to a mafia leader played by Gulshan Grover. Will Ali and Karishma ever be together?

Since it is a joint movie production, you will see a string of both Iranian and Indian actors along. The male lead role of the movie, Ali, is acted out by Iranian top actor Mohammad-Reza Golzar next to his love Karishma played by well-known Dia Mirza.

The film also stars Poonam Dhillon, who plays Dia’s mother.

So, those of you who swear you do not have tear ducts or those who are more lighthearted and cry happy tears as well as others who get into seriously tough subject matter; get ready to pass the tissues on Saturday night July 18 at 22:00 GMT!  

ifilm English also repeats the movie the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 (all GMT times).


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