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Good act serves good curses: ifilm exclusive

Mohammad-Ali Sareban tells ifilm in an exclusive talk about his role in ‘Zero Degree Turn’.

ifilm star of popular series ‘Zero Degree Turn’, Mohammad-Ali Sareban, tells the channel in an exclusive talk about his role in the flick.

The veteran actor played a protagonist in the series by taking on the role of a prosecutor who sends one of the female leads of the show towards a bitter suicide.

He says the fact that he later receives hate comments from people who cursed him for what he did to the star of the show, in the court of law, indicates that he could play his role so much believable.

Actor in ‘The Green Ring’ then tells us that playing this part was not an easy job for him as he was the star of another project at the same time. It made him work nights and days to accomplish his both roles in both projects.

In his fruitful artistic life, Sareban has been in a big number of cinematic and TV productions. Some of his appearances have been aired on ifilm such as ‘Prophet Joseph’, ‘Detective Alavi’, ‘Heads on Gallows’ and ‘Avicenna’.