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Watch ‘Yalda’ for forgiveness with Behnaz Jafari

Behnaz Jafari sits for an exclusive talk with ifilm on her new movie ‘Yalda’.

Behnaz Jafari, the star of ifilm series ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’, has sit for an exclusive talk with ifilm on her new award-winning movie.

The young star that has recently played a part in the festival favorite movie ‘Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness’ has given some reasons why she accepts the role and why audiences must watch the new movie.

On why she accepts the role, she tells us that she likes the character that she brings to life and also the story is so appealing which must also be a reason to watch this award-winning flick.

The film is themed on forgiveness, a moral that the star in ‘Remembrance’ highlights. She hopes that watching the film will help make its viewers think and find this capacity in them to forgive when they have wronged.

Jafari believes we must watch ‘Yalda’, because it is a good, accurate and tasteful movie. We must watch it to think of the moments that pass and will never come back again.

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