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Cinema ifilm highlights Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz

Cinema ifilm highlights Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz in ‘Through the Olive Trees’.

Cinema ifilm highlights the late Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz in ‘Through the Olive Trees’ by the late Abbas Kiarostami.

The late actor passed away on June 14, 2020 at the age of 90 after a long time of suffering illness.

He graduated from the Tehran University Faculty of Dramatic Arts and began his acting career with the play 'Violinmaker' in 1960 and professional acting with plays such as 'Uncle Vanya', 'Antigone', and 'Oedipus the King'.

Then he took to the small screen and played in several series including, 'Hezar Dastan', 'Sarbedaran', 'Sultan and the Shepherd', 'The Wolves', 'The Patriarch', 'The Young Lawyers', 'Seasoned Rider', 'Youth', 'Lighter Than Darkness', 'A House in the Dark', 'The Unfamiliar Scent of Autumn', 'The Way of Infatuation', and 'Night Path'.

His cinematic debut was in 'The Night of the Hunchback'. Keshavarz appeared in over 57 movies.

Keshavarz also appeared in movies such as 'Mr. Simpleton', 'The Last Supper', 'Kamal-ol-Molk', 'The Man Who Became a Mouse', 'Mirza Nowruz's Shoes', 'Jafar Khan Returns from Abroad', 'Nassereddin Shah Film Actor', 'The Devoted', 'The Fateful Day', 'Ghazal', 'The Legion', and 'Waiting'.

He was nominated for a Fajr Film Festival Crystal Simorgh for Best Male Actor for his role in 'Mother' (1989).

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