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'Gando' to land at Picknic Film Festival

The 11th Picknic Film Festival in Spain is to screen 'Gando' by Iranian filmmaker Teymour Qaderi.

The 11th Picknic Film Festival in Spain is to screen 'Gando' by Iranian filmmaker Teymour Qaderi.

‘Gando’ narrates the life story of children who have to go a long way to get water from a lake where is home to Gandos (Iranian short-snouted crocodiles). In successive Gando attacks on children, they are either mutilated or eaten alive.

Teymour Qaderi was born in 1990. He started his career as a film director in 2007 and directed some short films. So far, he has won many national and international awards.

He has directed three short films: ‘Pomegranate is the Fruit of Paradise’, ‘Picking the Down’ and ‘It Hits Upon the Roof’. Qaderi is the winner of 18 national and international awards from film festivals in Canada, South Korea, Czech Republic and Turkey.

'Gando' will be also attending the 18th Seize the Film uhvati Film Festival to be held on September 23-29, 2020 in Serbia.

Recently, the young filmmaker succeeded to win the best film award for his short documentary film ‘Gando’ at the 53rd edition of the Humboldt International Film Festival in the US.

The Picknic Film Festival is a place where films of reduced visibility and distribution, but selected for prestigious film festivals, with the approval of the press, have the possibility to be screened.

The 11th edition of the event is due for 11-15 August in the city of Santander in Spain.