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‘Locked’ to screen at Link Int’l Film Festival

Iranian short animation ‘Locked’ is to go on screen at the 2020 Link Int’l filmfest in the UK.

Iranian fantasy animation ‘Locked’ has been selected to go on screen at the 2020 edition of the Link International Film Festival in the UK.

‘Locked’ is the story of a man who is trapped in his own dark world and has set his hope for freedom on a stony icon. But the icon has always strange requests. As bargaining with the icon has no results, the man starts to treat it differently.

Ahmad Khoshniyyat who is the writer, producer and director of the animation says, “‘Locked’ is a surreal and symbolic work that is formed based on the internal feelings of myself and my studies. I used the sources like my repetitive dreams and also ideas of English philosopher Francis Bacon about idols of the mind. I call ‘Locked’ a personal, philosophical and psychological work that those who are familiar with philosophical subjects can understand it better”.

‘Locked’ has been made using 3D computer techniques.

The 11-minute animation has participated at several international festivals in Italy, Mexico and Tehran.

Link Festival aims to bring together filmmakers and audiences and inspire them. The cultural event connect people with different ideas and cultures.

The festival is set for July 24-26, 2020.