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Turkey to host Iranian animation ‘locked’

Iranian animation ‘locked’ is to attend the 18th Int’l Environment Short Film Festival in Turkey.

Iranian animation ‘locked’ has been set to attend the 18th International Environment Short Film Festival in Turkey.

Written and directed by Ahmad Khoshniyyat, the film is about a trapped human, with the hope of Freedom who keeps begging and worshiping a stony icon, which sucks his sap of life in lieu of giving him an opportunity to be free.

“But the human is never freed until he proceeds a different way,” a synopsis for the film reads.

Earlier reports said ‘Locked’ has been selected to attend the 2020 Link International Film Festival in the UK, which will be held online from July 24.

The 11-minute animated film previously attended Tehran International Animation Festival of Iran as well as other international festivals such as the Italian Environmental Film Festival and the International Silent Film Festival in Mexico.

The International Environment Short Film Festival is “Turkey's first and only environmentally themed short film event”, according to its website.

The 18th edition of the event was scheduled for April-May 2020, but it has been postponed to a later date due to the coronavirus pandemic.