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This doc sweeps most awards in Iran

Let's watch exclusive cut from the most acclaimed Iranian doc in the last Persian calendar year.

Let's watch exclusive cut from ‘No Place for Angels’ named the most acclaimed Iranian documentary in the last Persian calendar year.  

The title is a feature-length documentary with its online screening taking place in Iran for the first time. The film has already been screened in the Art and Experience cinema group as well as online platforms.

The film is the most award-winning documentary in the last Persian calendar year (ending March 20, 2020) following Iran women's national inline hockey team and the major events that take place in their lives. The film depicts the hopes, fears and dreams of these girls in international competitions.

Sam Kalantari's offering won a Crystal Simorgh for the Best Documentary at Fajr Film Festival as well as grabbing multiple awards at Iran International Documentary Film Festival, known as “Cinema Vérité”.

ifilm has exclusively cut part of the doc in which the team's coach is talking in English. Hope you will enjoy the best Iranian docu-drama!