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Israel made this series with possible agenda

As Israel’s latest TV series is themed on its archenemy, there are doubts leveled against what it is cracked up to be.

As Israel’s latest TV series is themed on its archenemy, there are doubts leveled against the truthfulness of what Israeli director claims.  

Director Daniel Syrkin has recently talked about the series in an interview. Below are some extracts from what he said.

“We really wanted to show how this young Mossad agent learns about her culture again and about loyalty, patience and country,” said the Israeli Syrkin of the series. 

“It’s up to Iranians to choose the regime but my hope is that we Israelis will not be in quarrel with them anymore,” he noted, adding “Not with the people and not with the regime. My dream is to be able to go to Iran and to feel safe there and not to be afraid of Iran.”

“You know we are not out here to educate people, our main goal is to make high-quality drama, but if we can make people think and learn something different, that for us, is amazing,” he also said.

If you have read all the above extracts from the director's interview, then there is hardly any instance of enmity and hatred against Iran. But wait a minute, this is not the whole story as the hegemony of Israel against other nations, including Iranians, is subtly enacted.

Once the viewers watch the first few episodes of the series, the images start shaping in their minds where the Iranians are depicted in a shadow war with Israel. The domination of the actress in the lead is also heavily felt over her surroundings and Iranian people depicted in the series. 

Even a creator of the series suggested the same point regarding the complexity of depicted issues in the series. 

“Although it’s a very entertaining show and it has a lot of action, there are a lot of layers,” said Dana Eden, one of the show’s creators.

Titled after Iran’s capital, Tehran revolves around a young Mossad agent, played by Israeli actress Niv Sultan in the starring role, who travels undercover to Iran in a bid to disable a nuclear reactor. When the mission goes wrong, the agent falls in love and rediscovers her Iranian roots in the city of her birth.

The espionage thriller in Hebrew, English and Persian debuted on June 22 in Israel.

‘Fauda’ is another action series on the Israeli-Palestinian war in its original Hebrew-Arabic form with subtitles. ‘Tehran’ marks the next effort to fulfill a possible agenda for shaping people’s minds and their cultures through ideological indoctrination.

Even the tag line, 'Once You're In, There's No Way Out', is very much searing and thought-provoking,