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Watch funniest sequence for ifilm weekend pick

As we are all set for this weekend's movie on ifilm, here is the gripping cut of the flick offered to ifilmers.

As we are all buckled up for this weekend's movie on ifilm, here is the funniest cut of the flick to pique your interest.   

The channel's website offers the funniest scene of the comedy flick 'Whatever God Wants’, featuring Reza Attaran and Pouriya Poursorkh as two stars of the flick. 

Attaran acts as a magician to entertain an audience. He tears a plane ticket into pieces and tries to fix it through a sleight of hand. The plan, however, backfires to the astonishment of the audience members.  

The movie, directed by Navid Mihandoust, narrates a strange love story.

A boy learns that his father has died on Kish Island. A girl also learns about the same incident for her mother on Kish Island. They travel there together. Arriving on Kish Island, they learn that the father and the mother are now married and have gone to the sea together. The main adventures start when there are many things to hide, but the hidden secrets may not remain so.

‘Whatever God Wants’, made in 2010, airs on ifilm Saturday at 22:00 GMT.