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‘Elephantbird’ grabs award at Accra Indie Filmfest

Iranian-Afghan short ‘Elephanbird’ wins award at Accra Indie Filmfest in Ghana.

Iranian-Afghan short film ‘Elephanbird’ has won an award at the Accra Indie Filmfest (AiF) in Ghana.

Directed by Amir-Masoud Soheili, the flick has taken home the Best Short Narrative Film Award from the 2nd edition of the African film event.

The 16-minute short narrates the story of an old Afghan man whose last wish is to give his elephant-bird (turkey) to his grandchild. But, this simple wish is hard to realize.

The short has been already screened at a number of international events, including the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, the Marcellus Mini Movie Family Film Festival in the US and the Czech Republic's Brno 16 International Short Film Festival.  

Some of the awards that ‘Elephantbird’ has so far grabbed include the Best Ensemble Cast award at the Big Bear Film Summit in the US, the R.E.D Int’l Filmfest in Norway and the Special Jury Award at the Sedicicorto Int’l Filmfest in Italy.

According to the official website of the AiF, this annual event “is a short film festival by young filmmakers for young filmmakers”.

This year’s edition of the event was held on July 20-26, 2020.