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Andromeda festival to screen ‘Without Trial’

Turkey’s Andromeda Film Festival is to screen Iran’s ‘Without Trial’.

Turkey’s Andromeda Film Festival (AFF) has set to screen Iran’s short title ‘Without Trial’.

Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported on Wednesday that Ali Jafari’s ‘Without Trial’ will be featured at the 4th edition of the Turkish event.

Written by Mohammad-Reza Jafari, ‘Without Trial’ narrates the story of a man who is struggling with his problems with those around him.

The 4th edition of Andromeda Film Festival will be held in the Turkish city of Istanbul on January 5, 2021.

One of the goals of the Andromeda Film Festival is “to fight unfair competition”, the event’s website reads.

The AFF’s main principles include creating a future for the filmmakers, thus it works to embrace all filmmakers, regardless of whether they are famous or not.