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Kourosh Tahami says no to clichés: ifilm exclusive

ifilm star of ‘Tabriz in Fog’ tells ifilm how he avoids commonplace roles.

ifilm star of ‘Tabriz in Fog’, Kourosh Tahami, has told ifilm in an exclusive talk how he does not want to play commonplace roles.

Star in ‘A Piece of Land’ says he enjoys camouflaging as a teacher, painter, baker, merchant, or a lover for the roles he will play. He wishes to walk into the lives of different people by playing their roles in the series and movies. Doing so, he avoids taking on clichéd roles.

The following is a translation of an interview conducted by the official website of ifilm Farsi with the actor.


ifilm: You know music well and you have also vocalized some pieces. You have been in music business before acting.

Kourosh Tahami: That is right. Before I did acting courses at the university, I worked on music and then, I took on roles in theater and then, my debut to cinema was with a role in the movie ‘Cinema in Cinema’. I did music meticulously and I am of the view that one cannot live without music and poetry. I think in this era that we live, having a no-music day is difficult and life is not beautiful without it. I have been able to gain tranquility with music and poetry in my life.

ifilm: TV viewership has seen you less on their screens these days. Does it mean you want to gradually leave TV or does it have another reason?

Kourosh Tahami: I have decided to be more selective than I have been so far, because my resume matters to me, and it is important how they will talk about my career in the future. The role I’ve been offered to recently have not been favorable to me. I have worked with professionals in considerable TV projects and that has made me more sensitive in taking the offers. These days, I have had more interesting role offers in cinematic flicks and that is why I have been seen on big screens more that TV. I have always done my best not to become clichéd in a role, as it is highly potential in my country that when you play a role skillfully, you will get similar offers and if you are careless, you will change into an actor who plays one constant role.

ifilm: These days, ifilm is airing ‘Tabriz in Fog’ again. It gained popularity both when it aired first and now that it is being broadcast again. Perhaps, we can say your most different role is Abbas Mirza’s character in this show.

Kourosh Tahami: I like ‘Tabriz in Fog’ so much. I played Abbas Mirza in it and it was a thing I did wholeheartedly. The people liked that role too and they could connect with it. I must say it was not an easy thing to accomplish and like all historical dramas, it had some difficulties. However, ‘Under the Blade’ was also a good series, which gained popularity and people liked it so much. That is my other favorite work.   

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