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Iranian ‘Bandar Band’ to go to Canada

Iranian ‘Bandar Band’ is to go on screen at the 2020 Toronto Int’l Film Festival in Canada.

Iranian title ‘Bandar Band’ has been selected to go on screen at the 2020 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in Canada.

Directed by Manijeh Hekmat, the film will experience its first international screening at the Toronto festival.

Produced by Hekmat and Mahshid Ahangarani, ‘Bandar Band’ is a road movie that depicts flooded landscapes of Iran. The movie is filled with music.

The cast of the film includes Reza Koulqani, Amir-Hossein Taheri, Mahdieh Mousavi and Pegah Ahangarani.

The TIFF aims to bring award-winning films to the audience and will include exciting new films and interactive experiences.

The festival will host thousands of film professionals.

The 45th edition of the TIFF will take place on September 10-19, 2020.