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Beauty of Iran’s Turkmen Sahra in pictures

ifilm English publishes pictorial report of green lively nature of Turkmen Sahra in Iran.

ifilm English has published a pictorial report on the green and lively nature of Turkmen Sahra in Iran.

Turkmen Sahra is a vast plain located in the northern part of Iran.

The plain borders with Turkmenistan.

The charming landscapes include various forms of attractions, including mud volcanos, salt flats, green plains and hills, natural dams and also ancient Atrak River.

The geographical formations of the area are so different that make it a unique destination for the tourists.

In addition to its natural features, the area is home to many historical attractions as well. Among the notable landmarks are UNESCO World Heritage sites Gonbad-e Kavus, the world’s tallest brick tower, and the Great Wall of Gorgan, the longest fort-lined ancient barrier between Central Europe and China, as well as the Khalid Nabi cemetery, known for hundreds of mysterious tombstones.

Let's enjoy some amazing photos of the area.