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How does ‘Argo’ distort Iran history?

Iranian historian slams Oscar-winning American movie 'Argo', suggesting that the director should read accurate sources on hostage-taking in Tehran.

Iranian historian says US humiliation after 444-day hostage-taking incident in Tehran inspires Oscar-winning American movie 'Argo', suggesting accurate sources on the incident. 

Khosrow Mo'tazed said to ifilm of the movie 'Argo' that "the reason behind making it was the humiliation Americans suffered after the 444-day hostage-taking incident."

He also criticized the opening of the movie with an agenda to spread anti-Iran sentiments, saying that the scene displays some strange paintings.

Meanwhile, he noted that Ben Affleck should read other sources to get the reality before making other movies themed on Iran. 

'Argo' is a 2012 movie directed by US actor and screenwriter Ben Affleck.  It is is the first flick reflecting Hollywood's distorted account of the 1979 US embassy takeover in Tehran during which 6 American diplomates manage to flee Iran. 

The flick is a fiction about those six diplomats, as well as a CIA agent whose role is portrayed by Ben Affleck. The agent inspired by 'Star Wars' designed the escape plan for the six diplomats. As part of the operation, a security team in disguise of filmmakers travels to Iran. They are tasked with helping the diplomats escape from Iran. The operation is done successfully in the end. 

'Argo' was filmed in Morocco and is an Academy Award winner for Best Picture. Awarding the mediocre flick at Oscars 2013 in the presence of stronger competitors is in line with the US government's efforts to highlight 'Argo' and shows the politicized nature of the award. 

On top of that, no contemporary historian has ever verified the accuracy of the events in 'Argo' which reveals the shaky narrative of the movie.