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ifilm English TV to air ‘Fear's Reward 2’

ifilm English TV is to start airing ‘Fear's Reward 2’ on Sunday.

Crew members of the ifilm English Channel have scheduled to air the series ‘Fear's Reward 2’ starting from Sunday.

The first episode of the series (AKA ‘Playing with Death’), produced by Asghar Tavassoli and directed by Hamid Tamjidi, will be aired on August 2, 2020.

The series has depicted Nasser, a captain in Tehran’s Criminal Investigation Department, who had just successfully managed to break up a drug smuggling cartel.

But in the process, a tragedy occurred to him and his family – the death of his daughter at the hands of Mehran, the ringleader of the gang in Tehran.

Now, with Mehran behind bars, Nasser realizes that the real leaders of the drug cartel are still active in Turkey, and that there’s more to the story of his daughter’s death than he knew.

Abdorreza Akbari, Homeyra Riyazi, Ali Osivand, Fariborz Arabnia, Esmaeel Mehrabi, Mohammad Barsouzian, Ahmad Fakhr, Hassan Shirzad, Asghar Mohebbi, Parviz Rafiee, Amir-Hossein Aslanian, Zahra Shabani, Juniet Arkin, Bulnet Pulat, Nazan Saatchi and Kotai Kuktork are on the cast list of the series.

Produced in 1995, ‘Fear's Reward 2’ will be the replacement for its prequel, ‘Fear’s Reward 1’.