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Iran’s historical Toghrol Tower in photos

ifilm English publishes pictorial report of historical Toghrol Tower in Tehran province.

ifilm English website has published a pictorial report of the historical Toghrol Tower located in the city of Rey, Tehran Province.

The tower, a monument from Seljuk period, was registered in Iran’s National Heritage List in 1931.

Some believe the tower served as a natural sundial showing the time of the day through shadows on its walls.

Others say the tower possibly used to serve as a leading light for travelers taking the historical Silk Road.

The monument is 20 meters tall and built in an area of around 48 square meters.

On the exterior, the tower — made of brick and adobe — is in the form of a polygonal cylinder, while the interior is a plain cylinder.

The historical structure is made of brick and adobe.

It is believed that the tower was made as a monument for an influential figure, but the identity of the person buried there is in dispute.