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Can ‘Salman the Persian’ repeat ‘Prophet Joseph’ impeccable success?

As a new historical series from Iran is in development, the audience may wonder if ‘Salman the Persian’ would be successful?

As a new Iranian historical series is in development, the audience may wonder if  ‘Salman the Persian’ would be as successful as 'Prophet Joseph'?

 While the new epic TV series at the helm of Davoud Mirbaqeri is at the shooting stage in some parts of Damascus in Syria, there are some speculations that the popular and critical acclaim of 'Prophet Joseph' may not be attained. 

The cast and crew should bear in mind that ifilm series 'Prophet Joseph' has attained the highest achievement ever for a historical TV series hailing from Iran due to the following reasons:

-great casting of the male and female lead actors - Mostafa Zamani and Katayoun Riahi,

-splendid direction of the late Farajollah Salahshoor who was an expert in making historical and religious series,

-astonishing camerawork and visual effects at the time of shooting the series,

- and last but not least, the great storyline of the series in line with Quranic references which the international audiences could relate to with relative ease in terms of cultural differences.

‘Salman the Persian’ could repeat the unbelievable success of ifilm series 'Prophet Joseph', providing that the above-mentioned factors are taken into account. The new series enjoys professional cast members such as Farhad Aslani and Ali Dehkordi along with the director who is a veteran filmmaker with great religious series, including 'Imam Ali (AS)',  under his belt.

The series, thus, is on a part with 'Prophet Joseph' in terms of casting and direction. However, the appeal of the series to the international audiences should be guaranteed through little references to culture-specific items that may not be comprehensible without cultural literacy.   

Mirbaqeri’s 40-part biopic covers the life of one of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) closest companions, Salman the Persian from adolescence until the prophet’s (PBUH) demise.