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Let's catch heart-touching music video

Iranian vocalist has performed a song for the new Iranian series 'Aghazadeh' with a heart-touching melody.

Iranian vocalist Ali Zand-Vakili has performed a music piece for the new Iranian series 'Aghazadeh' with a heart-touching melody and lyrics.

The harmonious song 'Last Song' performed by famous Iranian singer Zand-Vakili with a grabbing voice is part of the soundtrack for the new series 'Aghazadeh' catering for the home-entertainment audiences. 

According to a media report, the shooting of the new series wrapped up Monday, a year after its last summer's kick-off. The delay was due to the coronavirus conditions in Iran that postponed some stages of filming. The series themed on socio-political issues is a new offering of 'Father''s director, Behrang Tofiqi, as well as its producer, Hamed Anqa.

The production team has great success with 'Father' series and it is projected that the new production will gain the same level of popularity. 

The cast of the series includes the likes of Amin Tarokh, Amir Aqaee, Mehdi Soltani, Laya Zanganeh, Sina Mehrdad and Pardis Pourabedini.