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Let’s check out bombings in new Iran series

New Iranian series reveals behind the scenes footage, featuring impressive special effects.

New Iranian series ‘Jugular Vein’ directed by Seyyed Jalal Ashkzari releases behind the scenes footage, featuring special effects employed at the production stage.

In the 30-episode series, a challenging story set in the 1980s is narrated. The cast includes Hossein Pakdel, Nima Raisi, Abbas Ghazali, Mehdi Solouki, the late Sirous Gorjestani, Farideh Sepah-Mansour, Massoud Foroutan, Omid Rouhani, Ata Omrani, Halimeh Saeedi, Sam Gharibian, Seyyed Javad Hashemi, Azadeh Zarei and Sepideh Khodaverdi.

The plot summary for the series reads, “In the turbulent years after the Islamic Revolution in 1980, a special group was called for a big operation. This group has a great undertaking given that several bombs are about to be exploded in Tehran.

As a curious viewer, you may wonder how the bombings and other special effects in a movie or series are made behind the scenes.

If you are one of them, look no further than the attached video to this news piece.