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‘Tabriz in Fog’ features bitter events, unity in Iran history

ifilm's current series ‘Tabriz in Fog’ depicts bitter events in the history of Iran, a review says.

ifilm English TV channel is currently featuring Mohammad-Reza Varzi’s ‘Tabriz in Fog’, a historical series that depicts bitter events in the history of Iran.

 According to a rave review of the TV show, 'Tabriz in Fog’ aims to help the audience get acquainted with Russo-Persian wars that ended with a peace treaty back in the time of Iranian history.

The director and writer of the TV show, Mohammad-Reza Varzi, believed that the "bitter" period was one of the most informative periods of history that should be narrated to the audience.

The series refers to the Treaty of Turkmenchay -- which concluded the wars after the Russians captured the Iranian city of Tabriz -- under which Iran ceded territories in the Caucasus region.

The current ifilm show highlights the importance of unity among Iranian people during that period, urging us to maintain unity and avoid the repetition of such a tragedy at the present time.

The music used in the series has gained critical acclaim, with Mohammad Taqi-Fahim, a cinema and television critic, saying the chosen music made it a memorable work.

Those interested in seeing the remaining episodes can watch the series -- which is starring Jamshid Mashayekhi, Elham Hamidi and Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia -- every day on ifilm at 23:00 GMT, excluding Saturday.