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Another Iranian film halts production over COVID-19

Filming of Iranian movie ‘Moustachy Dad’ is suspended after an actor tested positive for coronavirus.

Filming of Iranian movie project ‘Moustachy Dad’ (Baba Sibilou) has been suspended after one of its main cast members tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Unfortunately we have been forced to halt the project due to the coronavirus complex situation,” Ahmad Ahmadi, the producer of the film, said on Thursday.

One of the main cast members contracted the virus despite maintaining safety protocols and we have been forced to suspend the filming in order to keep the rest of the cast and crew healthy, he added.

Ahmadi did not specify the name of the cast member who has been diagnosed with the virus.

Bahareh Rahnama who is starred in the movie announced last month that she has been tested positive for the virus.

The film is also starring Reza Shafiee-Jam, Amir-Hossein Seddiq and Rose Razavi.

‘Moustachy Dad’, directed by Edwin Khachikian, is a family comedy.