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Iran’s ‘Slaughter’ to vie at Threadbare Mitten filmfest

Iran short ‘Slaughter’ is to compete at the Threadbare Mitten filmfest in the US.

Iranian short flick ‘Slaughter’ has been scheduled to compete at the Threadbare Mitten Film Festival in the US.

Co-directed by Ako Zand-Karimi and Saman Hosseinpour, the social flick will join the competition program at the 4th edition of the US event.

‘Slaughter’ narrates the story of a small village family whose life depends on their one and only cow.

They are in fact very fond of the animal; however it must be sold to help the family live through a rough winter.

The family’s son, saddened by this decision, lets the cow escape to prevent its doomed destiny.

The short title was internationally premiered at the 2018 Early Bird International Student Film Festival in Bulgaria.

It has also been screened at various global events, including the Lecce Film Festival in Italy, the International Student Film and Video Festival in China, the International Independent Film Festival-Publicystyka in Poland and the Film Fest Sundsvall in Sweden.

Here is a list of some honors the film has won:

‘Slaughter’ awarded at Estonian filmfest

Asian Cinematography Awards lauds ‘Slaughter’

Spain awards Iran’s short film ‘Slaughter’

Italian fest honors Iran short ‘Slaughter’

Iran’s ‘Slaughter’ garners new award

The Threadbare Mitten Film Festival is an online event held in Lansing’s REO Town, Michigan.

This year’s edition of the festival is slated for September 3-5, 2020.