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Cinema ifilm reviews childlike fantasy via ’Golnar’

Cinema ifilm reviews childlike fantasy via ’Golnar’ by Kambouzia Partovi.

Cinema ifilm has reviewed childlike fantasies and imaginations via a classic movie titled ’Golnar’.

The show presents some cuts from the memorable movie directed by Kambouzia Partovi in 1988.

‘Golnar’ is a kids' film with music and puppet animals featuring people in rural Iran.

It is about the idyllic life of Golnar, a young girl who lives with her grandparents, and their daily routines and lifestyle.

When the rural girl goes into the forest to look for her mother's handkerchief, she gets lost and finds shelter in a hut that belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Bear.

The adventure begins when the bears notice the young intruder.

They force her to work for them, and she has to obey because she does not know the way back.

The girl's friend, Khaleh Ghourbaqeh, finds her after a while and helps her escape from the bears’ hut.

Shokrollah Abbasi, Ghazal Shakeri, Moharram Basim, Akbar Doudkar, Farzad Haji-Hadi, Hamid-Reza Moradi, Hengameh Mofid, Nahid Nikkhah-Azad, Alireza Ronaqi, Fereshteh Sadr-Orafaee, and Shahla Riahi are on the cast list of the movie.