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Iranian short ‘Echo’ to vie in the US

Iranian short animation ‘Echo’ is to compete at the 2020 Rosarito filmfest in the US.

Iranian short animation ‘Echo’ has been selected to compete at the 4th edition of the Rosarito Film Festival in the US.

Directed, written and produced by Barzan Rostami, the story of ‘Echo’ is about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse and its consequences on human race.

On his motives to make ‘Echo’, Rostami previously said, “I always ask myself would humans still hurt animals and cause damage to the environment if they were treated in the same way. I empathize with environment because I think all the living creatures have feelings like we have. They can feel happiness, sadness, anger, and other feelings that they might share with us. That's why I wanted to make a movie about empathy for the environment”.

The short animation has previously attended several festivals, including the Corto e a Capto- Premio Mario Puzo film festival in Italy, the 2020 Global Impact Film Festival in the US, the 2020 International Tour Film Festival in Italy, the R. E. D. International Film Festival in Norway, the Snake Alley Festival of Film in the US, the BEYOND Film Festival in Germany, the 4th Southern Cone International Film Festival in Mexico, the Southern Cone International Film Festival in Mexico, the Smaragdni eco film festival in Croatia and the International festival of animated film "Constantine's gold Coin" in Serbia.

The Rosarito festival welcomes independent films and the works have the opportunity to compete in the storyline, documentary and short film areas.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there will be no film screening and the winners will be announced online.

This edition of the event will be held on August 12-16, 2020.