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Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina to cooperate on media

Officials from Iranian and Bosnia and Herzegovina meet and talk on expanding media cooperation.

Officials from Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina have met and talked on expanding media cooperation.

Mahmoud Heidari, the Iranian ambassador to Sarajevo, sat down for talks with the head of the state broadcasting of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday.

The Iranian official submitted the draft of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of media cooperation during the meeting.

Heidari said that state media of the two countries have had good relationships in recent years.

He also expressed hope for both sides to enhance mutual ties in the near future.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's official also expressed his gratefulness for the support of the Iranian government and people in tough times and stressed the necessity to boost mutual cultural cooperation.

Both sides said mutual media exchanges would certainly allow the two nations to get to know one another better, paving the way for the promotion of bilateral economic and cultural ties.