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Grabbing costume design featured in ‘Tabriz in Fog’

This feature focuses on the costume design of the historical series ‘Tabriz in Fog’ and its effect on viewers' credibility.

While one of the most important undertakings of a historical series can be the depiction of real events in history, costume designers play a pivotal role in making the events more credible for the audience in terms of visual accessibility.

For making a historical series, the costume design seems more essential than any other elements. This can be due to the fact that the clothing of a nation changes over time and getting the right information regarding people’s apparel in a specific historical period can make depicted events more credible.   

Current ifilm series ‘Tabriz in Fog’ is a case in point with the costumes selected for actors matching the historical evidence reflecting the clothing of Iranian people in the 19th century.

Ignoring such an element can distort the history of a nation and even in some cases, Hollywood movies such as ‘Esther and the King’ (1960) have tried to shape the clothing of historical characters from Iran in a way to humiliate the great history of this country.

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ifilm English channel aims to present the real picture of Iranians through series and movies produced by Iran directors themselves. By watching ifilm, you can gain a better understanding of this nation’s great history and traditions. ‘Tabriz in Fog’ is a good candidate to give a taste of what Iranian history is like.

In the attached video, you can check out the photos from the series depicting Iranian people with traditional and historical clothes.