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‘Light Room’ to compete at Threadbare Mitten filmfest

Iranian short film ‘Light Room’ is to vie at the 2020 Threadbare Mitten filmfest in the US.

Iranian short film ‘Light Room’ by Pouya Aqelizadeh has been selected for screening at the 2020 edition of the Threadbare Mitten Film Festival in the US.

A tagline to the short film reads, “Light room is a place in the depth of a filmmaker’s mind. The room is to be entered; and once you entered, you will be rewarded with a life in a world of color and light”.

The cast members of the short film are Behzad Khalaj, Edmon Orahi, Mohammadreza Abangah, Mina Hasanlou, Shiva Shabani, Fatemeh Ayoubi, Elahe Kashrani, Farzaneh Qasemi, Mahnaz Mohammadjafar and Sam Nazemi.

Also produced by Aqelizadeh, the short film has previously participated in the On Art Film Festival in Poland.

The Threadbare festival welcomes films with various genres and calls itself “an eclectic and eccentric celebration of genre cinema”. The festival brings together the best and oddest films from around the world.

The upcoming edition of the event will be held on September 3-7, 2020.

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