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Muslim Film Festival to present ‘Taxi is Here’

The Muslim Film Festival in Australia is to present Iranian short ‘Taxi is Here’.

The 2020 edition of the Muslim Film Festival (MFF) in Australia has set to present Iranian short title ‘Taxi is Here’.

Written and directed by Sara Aqababaeean, ‘Taxi is Here’ will be screened at the 2nd edition of the MFF, the Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported on Wednesday.

The film is about a woman who takes a taxi and decides to share a secret with the taxi driver after she gets to know him.

Its cast includes Shaqayeq Faryadshiran and Mehrzad Nour-Hosseini.

‘Taxi is Here’ has received the Award of Merit at the 11th IndieFEST Film Awards in the US.

The Australian Muslim Film Festival features “independent films made by Muslims, or telling stories about Muslims anywhere in the world, by anyone Muslim or non-Muslim”, according to the event’s website.

It aims to “promote inclusion, tolerance, friendship and introduce Muslim society’s culture and stories to a wider audience”.

The upcoming edition of the MFF will begin on September 5, 2020.