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ifilm dedicates ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’ to loving parents

ifilm English website dedicates ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’ to parents who put love above all.

With this footage taken from ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’, ifilm English website dedicates the series to all parents who put love above all when it comes to raising their children.

While motherhood has been the theme for many Iranian dramas, the mother depicted on ‘A Mother’s Sacrifices’ cannot be considered as an epitome of the holy figure she must be.

The audiences of Iranian dramas are used to seeing a mother who is all about sacrifices. A mother who is ready to devote all she has to her kids for them to live better. She is often a woman of faith, someone who tries her best to draw line between the good and the evil and to show it to her children.

But, on this show, a new light will be cast on motherhood and it will give it a whole new meaning. All it is trying to convey is that you do not need to be a woman to feel the motherly love for your child. So, we will see Khalil, a father, who plays this heavenly role for his son when his wife leaves them.

Not only this selfless father provides for his kid, but also shields him from all the harms that might come his way, just like a mother will do. It can be looked this way that the series is dedicated to all the men who have been both a father and a mother to their children. 

Directed by Behrang Tofiqi, the series narrates the story of Ateneh, who abandoned her three-month-old baby and left him to be raised by his father, Khalil. When she shows up twenty years later to do anything she can to be forgiven, Khalil just cannot find it in his heart to do it.

Behnaz Jafari and Kambiz Dirbaz are the stars of the show which comes to you every evening at 22:00 GMT.