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ifilm’s ‘Hollywood Cut’ gives away realities: Part 1

ifilm unravels the reasons behind Hollywood’s false claims about Iran.

Spare some time to watch this piece captured from ifilm program ‘Hollowood Cut’, which delves into the roots of the false images of Iran and Iranian culture presented to the world by the mega-American cinema industry.  

Mostly in the American films, Iranian ancient culture has been featured as barbaric and the people of Iranian descent as savage, illiterate and bloodthirsty. But why the American filmmaking industry goes this far to taint the image of one nation? What is threatening about this culture that frightens them to their core?

As we can see on this cut of the show, the US government has never been able to tolerate any foe independent nations. Iran is not an exception to this general rule. Whenever the American politicians feel limited or unable to use their warfare to stop opposing powers in the world, they would resort to a soft war.

People watching Hollywood movies have a long history in time. Young people watch and get impacted by the movie scene they are presented with. They get to experience various feelings and see tarred historical facts, which seem real to them. When this exposure becomes more and more, the line between the truths and false facts becomes so thin that can be distinguished easily.

So, it will be easy to make people believe all the lies they show of Iran. For instance, they demonstrate Iran as a big threat and a rogue nation that has reached the nuclear weapons to bully the world.

To learn about some of the films of this nature that Hollywood has made, you need to stay tuned for more pieces.