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Turkey’s ‘The Magnificent Century’ lies about Iran

Iranian historian says Turkish series ‘The Magnificent Century’ lies about Iran.

An Iranian historian has explained how the Turkish series ‘The Magnificent Century’ misrepresents Iran history.

In an ifilm show titled ‘Cinema vs. History’, the Iranian historian, Khosrow Motazed, reviews anti-Iran movies from a historical point of view, shedding light on how the distortion of Iran’s history is at work through some international cinematic and TV productions

In part of the show, he has analyzed the Turkish series ‘The Magnificent Century’ with reference to some of the historical mistakes in the series.

He explains how the producer and the director of the series distorted some historical facts and highlighted the Ottoman Empire as the supreme power in the world. The historian also highlights how the director of ‘The Magnificent Century’ depicts the Ottoman Empire’s false dominance over Iran as an ancient civilization.

Referring to reliable sources, Motazed also explains historically the distorted narrative of the series.

Written by Meral Okay and Yılmaz Şahin, ‘The Magnificent Century’ is a Turkish historical fiction TV series based on the life of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife Hürrem Sultan, a slave girl who became a Sultana.

Directed by Yagmur Taylan, Durul Taylan, Mert Baykal, and Yağız Alp Akaydın, it also highlights the era known as the sultanate of women.

The series also focuses on the relationships among the members of the imperial household, especially romantic entanglements and rivalries.

The series has been criticized for being historically inaccurate by many other historians as well.