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French Etrange fest to host Iranian ‘Delirium’

Iran short ‘Delirium’ is to vie at the L’Etrange Festival in France.

Iranian short film ‘Delirium’ has been given a screening slot at the L’Etrange Festival in France.

Directed by Vahid and Navid Nami, the short title will be showcased at the Short Film Competition section of the 26th edition of the French event.

‘Delirium’ (‘Sarsam’ in Persian) is an account of a dystopian society, where no one has the right to oppose the rulers.

In case one voices his disagreement, he will end up with a cut ear.

The short title has been screened at a number of global events, including the Fajr International Film Festival in Iran, the Bucheon International Fantastic filmfest in South Korea and the Neuchatel International Fantastic filmfest in Switzerland.

According to the official website of the L’Etrange Festival, it has been put together as a cinematic event to create “a novel, enchanting or peculiar program”.

This year’s edition of the fest is slated for September 2-13, 2020.