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Cinema ifilm pays tribute to late actor Hadi Eslami

Cinema ifilm pays tribute to the late Iranian actor Hadi Eslami.

Cinema ifilm has paid tribute to the late Iranian actor Hadi Eslami.

The show features some cuts from one of his movies titled ‘The Bus’, directed by Yadollah Samadi.

The film is about some people in two neighboring villages who are at odds over getting a bus to transport the village residents. This triggers some adventures that finally lead to friendship among the residents.

Born in 1939, Eslami was born in one of Tehran’s oldest neighborhoods and entered the world of acting when he was in high school.

Just after finishing school in 1967, he wrote and performed in his first play which was quite successful at the time.

He entered the film industry after the Islamic Revolution with a movie titled 'The Devil’s Hand' in 1981.

He subsequently took roles in many movies, including 'The Bus' and 'The Courtship', winning several nominations and awards for his outstanding performances.

Eslami won the Best Actor award for 'The Bus' at the 4th Fajr International Film Festival.

Besides movies, Eslami appeared in some TV dramas, including 'Scops Owl', in which he played the role of the Constitutional Revolution figure and cleric Seyyed-Hassan Modarres.

After years of professional acting, Eslami passed away due to a heart attack in 1993.