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Get to know female star of ifilm weekend flick

As this weekend's flick is set to premiere on ifilm soon, here is a quick review of what the female lead has done so far.

As ifilm pick for this weekend is set to premiere on the channel in no time, here is a quick review of what the female lead has done in her acting career so far. 

Behnaz Jafari is a theater, television and cinema actress. She studied Dramatic Literature at the Islamic Azad University.

In 1994, she started her professional career by playing a small role in the movie ‘Blue Scarf’.

She has appeared in various TV series many of which have been aired by ifilm. Below are some of the most popular series featuring the actress:

'The Water Fairy'



'A Mother's Sacrifices'

You might not want to hear this sad news, but the actress suffers from Multiple sclerosis (MS). She is using her star status to raise awareness of the disease and share her stories so that others with MS know they are not alone.  

ifilm is currently airing 'A Mother's Sacrifices' featuring Jafari, and we would like to know if her performance was better in the series than in this weekend's movie 'The Dawn'. You can share your feedback in the comments section after you have watched the first run of the film on Saturday at 22:00 GMT. 

For more information on the flick, you can click here.