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‘Scent of Joseph’ director talks about the Savior

Iranian movie ‘Scent of Joseph’ conveys concept of expectation for the Savior, Hatamikia says.

Iranian director, Ebrahim Hatamikia, has explained his perception of the concept of awaiting the Savior in an interview about his film ‘Scent of Joseph’.

In response to the question “Why don’t you make a film on Imam Mahdi (AS)?” Hatamikia said, “I already made one. It’s not necessary to choose the subject directly and make a film. The film ‘Scent of Joseph’ presents my idea about the concept of waiting for Imam Mahdi”.

The film centers on the subject of awaiters and their expectations.

Some of the awaiters are wise and some are deeply in love.

In the path of waiting for the Savior, some are defeated by doubt but some are patient and firm.

In the end, this is faith that brings the awaiters what they expect.

One of the strong features of the film is its music which is made by Majid Entezami.

Entezami has proved that he is a master in composing music for films.

‘Scent of Joseph’ music is one of his masterpieces.

The music for this movie was so welcomed by the viewers that Entezami performed it with Tehran Symphony Orchestra in Tehran's Vahdat Hall.

In this performance, the well-known actress, Merila Zarei, narrated the story of the film.

Watch a part of the performance above.

A synopsis to the movie ‘Scent of Joseph’ reads, “Joseph who has left his hometown to defend Iran against Saddam Hussein’s imposed war is missing for five years. Everyone assumes Joseph is dead – everyone except his father who is still clinging to the hope that his beloved son is alive.

Uncle Qafour who still looks forward to meeting his son again gets to know a girl who is also searching for his long-missing brother in the war. Now the war is over and all the prisoners are coming back, but will the missing be among them?”

Some of the cast members are Jafar Dehqan, Niki Karimi, Ali Nasiriyan, and Shirin Bina.

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