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Will Leila Hatami star as Mary Magdalene?

Famed Iranian actress Leila Hatami is likely to act in US director Terrence Malick’s new offering.

Internationally-renowned Iranian actress Leila Hatami is likely to appear in US director Terrence Malick’s ‘The Last Planet’.

Hatami has been listed by the French acting agency, Adequat, as a cast member of Terrence Malick’s ‘The Last Planet’ while no character is mentioned for the actress.

 The IMDb page for the flick has also included Leila Hatami among the cast. However, it has been announced earlier the names of key roles in the movie with some speculations that Leila Hatami may play the role of Mary Magdalene.

If that happens, it could be one of the most important performances of an Iranian actress in an international film.

'The Last Planet' which features an international cast from places like the Middle East and Germany will be a dark twist from the Bible that offers an unexpected spiritual experience.



Perfect choise! We are proud of Ms. Hatami.