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Amir Jafari’s various makeup looks

Have a glance at Amir Jafari's diverse makeup looks.

Renowned Iranian actor Amir Jafari has been one of the most talented actors in the Iranian cinema and television.

Jafari has played roles in various films, series and all genres including comedy, drama, and action.

Here you can have a glance at his very diverse makeup looks in his projects so far.

Born in 1974, Jafari made his cinematic debut in 2001 with the film ‘Bread, Love and 1000cc Bike’. He appeared in the series ‘No Comment’, directed by Mehdi Mazloumi, in the same year.

Jafari has appeared in many movies including ‘Poisonous Mushroom’ (2001), ‘Down and Out’ (2007), ‘The Postman Doesn't Ring Three Times’ (2008), ‘The Snitch’ (2009), ‘The Pickpocket of the South Street’ (2001), ‘Thirteen’ (2012), ‘The Rules of Accidents’ (2012), ‘Block 9, Exit 2’ (2013), ‘Stranger’ (2013) and ‘Confession of My Dangerous Mind’ (2014)

The list goes on with ‘At Five in the Afternoon’, (2016), 'Sophie & the Beast' (2016), ‘Oxidan’ (2016), ‘Murphy’s Law’ (2017), ‘I’m Scared’ (2018) and ‘Patrol 3’ (2020).

Among the series in which he has performed are ‘I’m a Tenant’ (2003), ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ (2007), ‘Privacy Policy’ (2009), ‘Under the Vestibule’ (2010), ‘The Bounced Check’ (2011) and ‘Madness of Love’ (2011), ‘Shahrzad’ (2016) and ‘Forbidden’ (2018).