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‘Until Being with Sorayya’ reviewed in horror genre

ifilm website publishes a roundup of reviews on the series ‘Until Being with Sorayya’ most recently aired by the channel.

‘Until Being with Sorayya’, just like other series by Sirous Moqaddam, is a popular and challenging one. In this piece, the type of genre in which the series can be categorized is highlighted.

The series follows a woman who lost her husband fifteen years ago and now works as a nurse in a hospital. She meets one of the patients at the hospital, and they secretly get married, which causes new troubles for Sorayya.

One of the objections to this series is that it is bitter. Some critics, despite praising the series, have an issue with its filming style and a strange look at the remarriage concept. But, others say the series is more regarded as the one that causes stress than being bitter. Indeed, the way the series was filmed approves this idea. The director has shown that he has a great desire to convey anxiety and worries to the viewer.

In this regard, it is said that Moqaddam may be more successful in the horror genre that has been overlooked in our cinema and television.

Azita Hajjian's very thoughtful performance and the story's internal suspensions are among the strengths of this series.

Veteran film critic Jabbar Azinzadeh who has offered a brief overview of the series evaluated it as successful in terms of its structure, direction, and acting. Nevertheless, he believes that the unconventional relationship of a hardworking and religious woman who is considered as the protagonist of the story calls into question the theme of the series. It has questioned and damaged moral and social values ​​and even her feminine personality in the show.

He also said that "the social melodrama's central theme is related to usury based on the Quranic verse shown at the beginning of the series," adding that "its message is aligned with the rules of Sharia and social mores. But in order to pour this theme into a suitable container, a character has been created who is the main part of the TV series. That role is Sorayya with a very good performance by Azita Hajian. The rest of the characters who are in contact with Sorraya are connected to the character through their own stories."

Riba or usury is unjust, exploitative gains made in trade or business under Islamic law. The action is considered unlawful in Islam. 

The critic also said that "the director is skilled and the actors are experienced, especially Houman Seyedi, who has brilliant and impressive acting. Azita Hajian fits in well as the one portraying Sorraya and reflects the suffering of such a character quite impressively. Mehran Ahmadi's role as Reza is quite credible. Although Linda Kiani plays a different character, she has a good understanding of the role and has portrayed the character well. Even Elnaz Habibi, who was less experienced, plays well."