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Summer heat turns Iran’s biggest natural mirror into salt + photos

Summer heat turns the Hoz-e Soltan Lake in Iran’s central province of Qom into salt crystals.

Hoz-e Soltan Lake is one of Iran's tourist attractions. The touristic spot lies adjacent to the Qom-Tehran freeway.

The vast plain of salt deposits in the lake with shallow water resembles a giant natural mirror. In order to view Iran’s biggest natural mirror, you need to visit the lake in late autumn or early spring.

Hoz-e Soltan is a lonely salt lake in the heart of Iran, stretching across 240 square kilometers of land. It is fed by waters from several rivers such as Shour, as well as melting snow and seasonal rainfall.

The lake’s attractiveness varies from season to season as the heat during hot summer days dries the Hoz-e Soltan Lake and changes it into salt. 

As the temperature goes up, the time for collecting salt approaches.

The following photos may help you get a feeling of how the lake looks in summer, and the process of loading salt from the lake onto nearby trucks.