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EBS Int’l Documentary Festival to receive 'Gando'

The annual EBS Int'l Documentary Festival in South Korea is to screen 'Gando'.

The annual EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) in South Korea is set to screen 'Gando' by Iranian filmmaker Teymour Qaderi.

Qaderi’s 8-minute flick, which will participate in the 17th Asia’s prestigious documentary festival, narrates the life story of children who have to go a long way to get water from a lake where is home to Gandos (Iranian short-snouted crocodiles). In successive Gando attacks on children, they are either mutilated or eaten alive.

In September this year, 'Gando' will also be vying at the 60th Zlin Film Festival in the Czech Republic as well as the 18th Seize the Film uhvati Film Festival in Serbia.

Moreover, the short doc will hit the screen at the 3rd Eugene Environmental Film Festival to be held on October 2-4, 2020 in the US.

Recently, the young filmmaker succeeded to win the best film award for his short documentary film at the 53rd edition of the Humboldt International Film Festival in the US.

As the only film festival in the world to occur both on TV and in cinemas, the EIDF highlights documentary films focused on Asia or made in Asia through a week-long programming of documentaries.

The 17th edition of the event is due for August 17-23.