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Who’s Hussein who said no? Non-Muslims describe

In this exclusive piece published by ifilm website, Imam Hussein (AS) and his global characteristics are highlighted.

While Imam Hussein (AS) is quite familiar to all Muslims for his sacrifices to revive genuine Islamic values, you may wonder what non-Muslims may say about the Imam.

First and foremost, the Imam is known for refusing to pledge an oath of allegiance (bay’at) to Yazid ibn Mu'awiya who was the tyrant of his time. You may aks why he rose against Yazid and said no to this offer. He could have endorsed and accepted the most corrupt person to be the caliph while everybody else was quiet.

Nevertheless, he aspired to save Islam as the one who was the family of the prophethood and a perfect role model in Islam. He stood against the evil ruler of his time and rejected allegiance to him. That is why he is the one who said no, teaching us the lesson not to tolerate pressure from evil and devilish powers. 

That is why Iranian people, despite inhuman US-led sanctions against their country,  are still tolerating pressure and saying no to the White House. The maximum pressure policy is not affecting our nation to a great extent as we are all followers of Imam Hussein (AS) who said no to the tyrant of his time. US President Donald Trump is the Yazid of our time, and Iranians never bow down to his administration's so-called maximum pressure.

Due to the excellent characteristics of Imam Hussein (AS), he is very much liked by non-Muslims. In the attached video, you can view how non-Muslims express their vantage points of the Imam. 

Here are some descriptions offered by the non-Muslims about the Imam.

Hussein " was truly good ... truly following the call that God had asked of him ... the model of social justice, ... had an obvious sense of duty [for Islam] and ... a model of a spiritual leader."