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Behind-the-scenes for ‘The Warden’ released

Behind-the-scenes of Iranian film ‘The Warden’ is released.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the award-winning Iranian feature film ‘The Warden’ shows how much hard work it takes to reach the excellence.

In the scene cut from the behind-the-scenes of Nima Javidi’s acclaimed flick, Navid Mohammadzadeh, the star of the film, takes risk to be his own stunt double in a car chase.

The cinematography director of the film has been Mahyar Behmanesh, the same person who has made the behind-the-scenes videos.

‘The Warden’, which counts as Javidi’s second film after his ‘Melbourne’ in 2013, narrates the story of a warden who has big hopes of promotion on his head.

He has recently been assigned to a mission to evacuate the prison he runs and move the inmates into another facility.

Should he be able to accomplish his task to the fullest, he will be rewarded.

A prisoner, however, has gone missing which might bring the warden shame and destroy his dreams of promotion.

The 90-minute flick got its premiere at the Fajr Film Festival in Iran, where it won the Special Jury Award.

Since then the film has been screening and winning honors at various global events.

Some of the events the film has taken part at include the International Crime and Punishment filmfest in Turkey, the BFI London filmfest in the UK, as well as the Thessaloniki International filmfest and the Sao Paulo International filmfest in Brazil.