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Avicenna, father of modern medicine

The National Doctors’ Day in Iran is celebrated on August 22 to commemorate the birthday of great Persian physician Avicenna.

In conjunction with the birth anniversary of Abu Ali Sina, known in the West as Avicenna, Iran celebrates August 22 as the National Doctors’ Day.

On this day, doctors across the country are honored for their relentless service and in the attached video, you can catch an exclusive cut from the series ‘Avicenna’ aired by ifilm.  

Born in 980 AD, Avicenna was a great Iranian philosopher, physician and scientist whose medical heritage has been used in the practice of many doctors.

He made an invaluable contribution to the world of medicine and is called the "Father of Modern Medicine" for establishing a clinical practice. Owing to efforts by such pioneers as Avicenna, Iran is now among a few countries with sophisticated medical knowledge, serving as a health tourism hub for its neighboring countries.

The polymath is regarded as one of the most influential thinkers hailing from the Islamic Golden Age. Avicenna authored many books, among them is the most popular “Canon of Medicine.” His approach focused on the prevention of diseases rather than their treatment.

While the important role of doctors in our lives is undeniable, the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has proved once again the indispensable function of physicians as well as healthcare warriors in society.

Happy doctors’ day and we salute our heroes standing for us so as to protect our lives against the sinister effects of the killer virus.