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‘Echo’ en route to Hiroshima Int’l Animation Festival

‘Echo’ is to vie at 2020 Hiroshima Int’l Animation Festival in Japan.

Iranian short flick ‘Echo’ has made way into the upcoming edition of the Hiroshima Int’l Animation Festival in Japan.

‘Echo’, produced and directed by Barzan Rostami, will vie at the 18th edition of the Japanese film fest which will take place on August 20-24, 2020 in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

‘Echo’ is about understanding the wildlife and environmental abuse and its consequences on human beings.

On September 26, ‘Echo’ will also compete at the 15th Sunnyside Shorts Int’l Film Festival (SSIFF) in the US.

Some of the recent global film festivals where ‘Echo’ was screened include the 4th Rosarito Film Festival in the US, the 6th Corto e a Capto- Premio Mario Puzo Film Festival in Italy as well as the 6th Global Impact Film Festival (GIDC) in the US.

Late in May 2020, ‘Echo’ went on screen at the 4th Southern Cone International Film Festival (FICCSUR) in Mexico and succeeded to grab the Best Animation Short Film award of the event.

More Iranian contenders at the Hiroshima filmfest also include Shiva Sadeq-Asadi’s ‘Crab’, Farnoush Abedi’s ‘Divinity’ (Malakout) and Amir-Houshang Moeen’s multiple award-winning short title ‘Am I a Wolf?’

Founded in 1985, the Hiroshima Int’l Animation Festival is a place for international cultural exchange through the development of animation art.

Due to the pandemic, the official competition will be held using online conference system by the international jury members.

As for award-winning films, due to the cancellation of the screenings, the festival has considered the possibility to open them online to the public.