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ifilm bids farewell to emotional moments of ‘My Mother’

Catch a glimpse of an all-emotion-cut from ‘My Mother’

With an emotional cut from the series ‘My Mother’, ifilm dedicates the show to all those who feel warmth of love.

The most beautiful romantic stories of the world are mostly the ones that end in bitter separations. The two lovers can never taste the sweetness of being together in this material world.

The love affair of ifilm series ‘My Mother’ is of another nature. This time this grand separation becomes more heart-breaking, as it happens between a mother and her own kid.

When young, Maral, the heroine on the show marries the man she truly loves, but their marriage is a short-lived one. Her husband passes away way before their only daughter Arezoo was born. To add to her miseries, she, who has not yet recovered from this big loss, experienced a stillbirth, or at least she was told that way.

Years later, Maral learns her daughter is living and so she wants to unite with her. The following events that happen will eventually end in sad moments.

The show will wrap up tonight, August 25, at 20:00 GMT. This grand finale will also repeat three times the next day at 01:00, 07:00 and 12:00 all GMT times.