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What Imam Hussein (AS) predicts about accomplice

In this ifilm exclusive cut, you can view why an accomplice in the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) is afraid of the Imam's prediction.

In this sequence from ‘The Mukhtar Narrative’ series, you can see why Umar ibn Sa‘ad who was Mukhtar’s brother-in-law is afraid of the prediction made by Imam Hussein (AS).

On the 8th of the Islamic lunar month of Muharram, during a meeting that Imam Hussein (AS) arranged with ibn Sa'ad, the third Shia Imam warned him against initiating a possible battle with him, but ibn Sa'ad made excuses such as his fear of losing some property. He rejected Imam Hussein’s (AS) advice and finally, after talking several times, Imam Hussein (AS) addressed him as follows.

"May God destroy you and not have mercy upon you on the Day of Judgment; I hope that by the grace of God you will not eat the wheat of Iraq."

 Umar scornfully replied, "O Hussein, if there is no wheat, barley bread can also be eaten!”

‘The Mukhtar Narrative’ follows how those who oppressed the Imam at the battle of Karbala were given a taste of their own medicine by Mukhtar - the avenger of Imam Hussein’s (AS) blood after his martyrdom on the day of Ashura.

When the soldiers arrived at the camp belonging to Umar, Imam Hussein (AS) sent him a message that he wanted to meet Mukhtar’s brother-in-law at a place in the middle of the two camps.

 In this meeting, the Imam said to him: "Umar, woe is you! What happened to you that you are not afraid of God - to whom we all return - when you came to wage war against me? You know who I am. Change your wrong decision and you will act in the best interest of your faith and your world. Come to me at your will and release yourself from misguidance, and don’t be proud because of the deception of this world, as it has seen many people before you and me. I assure you that your happiness and health are in all I said."

Umar, The accomplice in the martyrdom of Imam Hussein replied, "You are right; But I am afraid that when I come to you, [Obaidullah] will ruin my house." The Imam (AS) added, "I will build a better house for you. I have a good piece of land.”

He said in reply, "I am afraid that Ibn Ziad will take my land away from me." Imam Hussein (AS) added, "I will give you a better piece of land in Hejaz." Umar kept silent and said nothing more.

Now in the video attached, see what he is thinking of the Imam's prediction after his martyrdom.